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The truth about friendships

Friendships can be hard. Most of us have a ton of friends in 9th grade and leave high school with 3 or less. Endless of course you’re a superstar! Yet, most of us are not. We find ourselves in friendships that are toxic just to have friends. “I rather have 1 good friend than 20 fake friends.” Is something I live by. Having real friends is essential to life. If you think other wise you’re most likely going through depression or mentally unstable. We all need someone to talk to and rely on. We all want a reliable, loyal person to be there for us through thick and thin! And no, your boyfriend does not count. Ladies DO NOT LOSE FRIENDSHIPS OVER A BOY. I’ve seen it , witnessed it, and done it. It’s not worth it and your relationship might not last as long as the friendship could have. Anyways, if your having issues with friendships my advice to you is be Yourself, don’t be a YES man, and find people with similar interests as you.

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