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Social Media Scammers | How To Detect And Report Them

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Let's start off by giving an example of how to detect a fake site. The site below is a money-grabbing site. It appears to be a way to trick people into entering their credit card information and paying $2,500 to $74,000 in return for some kind of mentorship and social media boost, yet there are no videos on how they do what they do. There are no representatives who show up on camera. No influencers backing it. You'd think they'd make a TED talk about what they do with all that success. There are lots of fake people and companies out there and Wealth Social looks like one of them.

On their Instagram stories, they only show a screen recording of the result of what they do but never the process. They'll pressure you into doing it as if there is no time to spare and that you're going to change your life once you've spent this money. It's so shady.


Sketchy Payment Process

Without even speaking to anyone or looking at what they have to offer, by clicking "Get Started", you are somehow able to pay them money right off the bat. No video demonstration, no online customer support, no phone customer support, no testimonials, no headquarter or office address. If they have all this money, why haven't they purchased Ad space on sites like Vox Media, or Forbs?

Why? ...because they can't.

What company allows you to pay them without speaking to someone with no guarantee or way you'll be contacted? How will they know who made the payment? Seriously, WTF is going on?


Making STUPID Money

This is the part that is just far fetched and WAY too good to be true. If anyone could make 750,000 a month, everyone would do it. It would headline news and people would just be a full-time Instagrammer. You'd officially make more than a neurosurgeon by far. Help us report this site to the Federal Trade Communications before they trick more desperate people on social media.

They say things like

"This course is a comprehensive breakdown of how to go from an Instagram novice, to an Instagram Entrepreneur. "

You can tell it's not a team of people judging by the way they speak in the first person. It's as if there was one person. If it was a team they'd use "we", "us" or "our". If it was one person, they'd show their face and stand behind their program. Wealth Social is fake and phony.

In 4 years, I have collectively gained myself and clients over 20 million followers. Full time, I represent clients who are titans of industries running companies that generate over $750,000/mo and assist them in growing their companies virtually through social media by gaining them thousands of targeted followers daily.


Lackluster Testimonials

This account has got to be a stolen account. There is no way people would follow a lackluster account like the one they show on their site. They only show two accounts that they have somehow "grown". < #inquotes


Stolen Accounts

I assume that they had tricked someone with a lot of followers to give them their email and password for a verified check. Once they had it, they had replaced all the imaged with their bait media.

It's crazy because they have done this more than once.

You may not have picked up on this but, ever notice how there are never any people talking about the organization? There are never any people wearing any company uniforms or having any meetups pertaining to the organization. It’s fake as George Washington’s teeth.


Mind Games

The way that this person uses famous and inspirational people is to take advantage of someone who is ready and willing to become like the people they post. The images are accompanied by quotes that always seem to allude to a better life and taking big risks. (*A mental seed priming you to spend money on a fake program*)

The one thing these people in the photos have in common is that they've never used a fake social media booster to get their following. They made a huge contribution to humanity.


Just look at how shady this conversation went!

You can't make this Sh*+ up.

If you or anyone you know has ever been a victim of this organization, help remove scam accounts like Wealth Social from Instagram by reporting them and taking down their website by reporting it to the Federal Trade Commission.



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