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I believe confidence is the key to success and overall happiness. When I was in middle school I started getting really bad acne. Not many people know this because I would always cover it up in photos and wear heavy foundation. The few times I didn't cover it up with makeup people would notice and always say something. Acne ruined my confidence. I was so ashamed of it, even though it wasn't my fault. It was just my body growing up and I was one of the unlucky kids who got it bad. Make-up made me who I am today. Even Though under it all I still had my imperfections, it made me confident. Not only did I have acne I had acne scars. So that made things worse. I tried to make face masks, and do all the treatments possible. NOTHING WORKED! I remember when I used to go to sleep- away camp and I would wear a full face of makeup in the hot sun while we were doing sports and everyone would ask me "why?" on the other hand everyone's skin was FLAWLESS which made it 100 times worse for me. After a couple of years of bad skin, I found my cure. It was 'Derma blading" and birth control. My skin was flawless six months after. three whole years of my life ruined because of red spots on my face! To later have perfect skin?! Lesson learned everything is temporary and ends up working out. Everything happens for a reason. Acne ruined so many moments for me. I would freak out if someone looked at me for too long or even during a conversation I couldn't make eye contact. simple things that shouldn't have bothered me did. Anyways enough with the sad stories of my insecure tween self. Make-up isn't just to make you look fake or change what you look like. It provides confidence. When you look your best, you feel your best. I made this Cosmetic Company help provide confidence. For anyone with acne problems out there, don't fret because it will soon be gone. Live your life like you have no acne!

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