Girls guide to BOYS.

In my 18 years of life, I've learned a lot about relationships and boys.We've all been through heart breaks. Even if you haven't been, trust me, you will one day. A rule I always go by is trust your BRAIN. The heart might want something but truthfully the heart is wrong almost 90% of the time. YES, I made up that percentage. Don't search for love. Love always finds you. I have always been a girl who wants love and the "perfect boyfriend" I SEARCHED FOR YEARS. I probably have had a "thing" with HUNDREDS of men. (I'm exaggerating) Then one day the one person I never in a million years thought I would be with... ended up being my first boyfriend/ love of my life

and LASTING over 2 years! Love happens in the most unexpected ways. You don't need to "try hard" for a guy or act a certain way. The right one always loves you for YOU. It's that simple. If you're already in a relationship, all my advice to you is to make sure your HAPPY and doing everything you want to do with your life. Love is love. It's not a game, or a piece of property, it's something you cherish and hold tight when your feeling down. It's knowing you found that person who loves all your flaws even the BAD ones.