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The truth is I'm not different then any of you. You may be reading this because your inspired by me or you hate me. But I'm just like you. I'm a human being with feelings. I get mad, I get sad, I have wants and needs. Any of you can make a business. The only difference we might have is that I've made my habits and priorities move towards my dreams and goals in life. I don't party. I don't waste time on my phone. A lot of you might be the same but this is for the people who are not like this. You need to focus on what you want in life. Don't skip your future by messing up your present. That means your future depends on what your doing RIGHT NOW! Stop making excuses. You can do anything you want in life as long as your willing to fight to get there. Do you wanna make a business? But you don't have money for startup costs? Thats an excuse!! You can literally go Get a job right now and save money to start up your business. Thats exactly what I did. To sum things up, stop being lazy and go live the life you've always wanted to. Go create and inspire. You only have one life. So go live it. I may sound like I'm mean or I'm trying to brag about my motivation but I'm not. Im sitting here trying to help everyone out there conquer their goals. I've learned that most people just need a little motivation in their life to do things and if I'm going to be that for you then I will.

Model Charlotte in style "Charlotte"

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