Dear People Of America: George Floyd's death hijacked by paid opportunists

Updated: Jun 29

We're upset

We are all upset by what had happened to George Floyd. His name will forever be remembered and cemented within our school textbooks next year so we can remember what not to do. If we aren't kidding ourselves, the police officer murdered a man using unnecessary force. A knee with all his weight to his neck for a prolonged 2 mins. No human would be able to breathe under that kind of force.

We won't show his passing here on Margre Cosmetics. We recommend not to watch it because it may mentally scare you. Instead, we'll show you the peaceful protestors holding their cellphone lights to the sky. It's beautiful.

Lately, we've been doing some research and found some very disturbing evidence of snakery. It may be too early to say but this whole thing may have been planned from the beginning and there is a force that is trying to pit us up against each other. Lets first briefly go over what we know.

George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis cop last week due to a prolonged knee to the neck. By standards ran to record it. The four officers who were involved faced termination and what seems to not be enough punishment. Believe it or not, an FBI investigation was enacted by the executive branch that aims to find the inception of the four cop's actions. As of the creation of this article, we hope justice is served.

Black Lives Matter, other known as BLM, took to the streets to peacefully protest. If we're being honest, BLM has a history of becoming violent but It's unclear whether they had a permit or not. Many other organizations took to the streets as well. Since everyone had no job, the turnout was greater than expected. The crowds grew bigger and bigger until it was filled with people who didn't even know anything about what happened to George Floyd.

The Mixup

What we didn't know is that BLM was infiltrated by a group that goes by ANTIFA. In the video below, we are shown how they try and mix themselves in with the peaceful protesters. This immediately caused confusion. @3:27 brakes my heart.

That last part though 👏🏾👏🏻👏🏾👏🏻👏🏾

Who are they and why did they turn this into a riot? Black people won't burn down black-owned businesses or a historically black church. Yet, they burned. It's no longer a conspiracy that there are paid protestors. They use a pyramid scheme that allows them to get paid by how many they have signup. Don't believe us? Watch this video. It's sickening.

Who is George Soros?

Evil Billionaire

According to George was...

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros is chair of Soros Fund Management LLC.
  • When he was young he was captured by the Nazis (FACT)

  • He was used to lure Jews to the Nazis (FACT)

  • He was indoctrinated to follow the Nazi ideologies of building a perfect society (FACT)

  • He grew up and became a Billionaire (FACT)

  • He teamed up with the most powerful people in the world who also believe in creating the perfect society (FACT)

  • He has been manipulating American politics at least since the first bush (FACT)

George Soros is so evil, he bought almost 32% of Google shares in the market because he thought Google and Facebook were promoting addiction. He manipulates economies of foreign organizations by generously funding and defunding them. This means he tricks people into doing things by playing with stock prices since he holds so much of it. He also wants to bring about an "Open Society"

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