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My name's Olivia but people call me liv.

I’ve always had a passion for makeup and beauty.  Feeling beautiful helps me with anxiety and stressful moments. Overall it makes me happy. I see makeup as a type of art and it has always inspired me. I started this cosmetics/lash line to spread beauty and positivity throughout the world. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and perfection doesn't exist. 


Becoming an entrepreneur has been a huge journey and I want to help other young people like me to stay motivated and start their dream company. I was the only 17 year old girl in my class making a business while everyone else was partying. This company is not only my job but its my passion. I believe being successful is providing for yourself by doing what you love. 

I love liv lashes they’re so pretty and so easy to put on it makes me feel more confident about myself and I can’t  wait to see more styles!

So easy to put on

—  Nicole Campos 


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